About GPS Group

Joining forces to serve you better.


We at GPS Group live our guiding principle of Spirit to Serve every day. It is in our corporate DNA, incorporated in our operations and decisions, and instilled in each of our employees. We exist to ensure service excellence in solutions for Facilities, Security, Logistics, Utility Engineering, Industrial Service, Catering, and Infrastructure Services.

For over 60 years, we combine technology, financial strength, nationwide coverage, and solid experience in various market segments. We forge lasting relationships, deliver sustainable results, and always offer our Clients the best cost-benefit tradeoff.


Our culture is to serve! A commitment we fulfill with pride and dedication.


Everyone serving with pride and dedication to making us essential to our Clients.


Becoming a reference in Brazil’s indoor services, respected for offering innovative solutions, quality in deliveries, and the capacity to provide the best cost-benefit tradeoff to its Clients.


Spirit to Serve

Serving is dedication.

It is paying attention and being present and available to respond to the needs of Clients promptly.

Serving is surprising.

It is about being proactive, surpassing expectations, breaking paradigms, and having a long-term perspective to sustainably deliver results that go beyond.

Serve is being essential.

It is about being an essential element, always in sync with what is essential for our Clients’ growth.



Serving is being wherever you need.


Our clients can rest assured and count on a solid company present in all Brazil regions. In addition to being closer to their operations, our national footprint enables us to guarantee service standards and meet each location’s specific demands.


Rua Professor Victal Barbosa 121
Ponta Verde – Maceió – AL
CEP 57035-400
Fone: (82) 3026-0048

Rua João Bosco Bornier, nº148.
Zumbi dos Palmares II. Manaus – AM
CEP: 69084-390
Telefone: (92) 3211-5900

Lauro de Freitas 
R. Pelicano, nº 405, QD.4.
Pitangueiras – Lauro de Freitas – BA
CEP 42701-340
Fone: (71) 3369-8888

Rua Coronel Alves Teixeira 1500
Joaquim Távora . Fortaleza  – CE
CEP 60135-208
Telefone: (85) 3033-3700

ADE, Conjunto 22, Lote 26
Águas Claras – Brasilia – DF
CEP 71990-000
Fone: (61) 3049-1372

R. São Pedro, 92
Rosário de Fátima, Serra – ES
Cep 29161-122
Telefone: (27) 2125-2676

São Mateus
Rua Travessa Vereador Luis Barbosa, 33 Boa Vista- São Mateus – ES
Cep 29931-250
Telefone: (27) 3763-1961

Av. Dona Maria Cardoso, Qd. 25, Lt. 03/04
Jardim Luz – Aparecida de Goiânia – GO
CEP 74915-175
Telefone: (62) 3277-9100

Rio Verde
Rua 111, Quadra 03, Lote 16
Jardim Presidente – Rio Verde – GO
CEP 75908-470

São Luis
Rua 02, N 1, Quadra A.
Cohaserma. São Luís – MA
CEP 65072-550
Telefone: (98) 3246-9850

Rua Filipinas, nº 228, Bairro Shangri-la
Cuiabá – MT
CEP- 78070-270
Telefone: (65) 3054-2959

Rua Augusto Moraes, 181, Bairro Centro B 
Rondonópolis – MT
CEP- 78700-390

Três Lagoas
Rua Parnaiba, 2990 – Bairro Jardim Angelica
Três Lagoas – MS
CEP: 79611-030

Belo Horizonte
R. Marquês de Maricá, 120 Santo Antônio, Belo Horizonte – MG CEP 30350-070 Telefone: (31) 3349- 2500
Rua Inglaterra, 301 – Jardim São Cristovão
Extrema – MG
CEP 37640-000
R. Rua Quintino Bocaiúva, 428
Centro, Uberlândia – MG
CEP 38400-108
Telefone: (34) 3292-5100

Rua Costa e Silva, 138 – Presidente Medici
Benevides – PA
CEP: 68795-000
Telefone: (91) 3724-4006


Rodovia Dep. João Leopoldo Jacomel, 12.813
Pinhais – Curitiba – PR
CEP 83323-125
Telefone: (41) 3351-1900
Rua Canudos, 77 – Jardim Higienopolis
Londrina – PR
CEP 86015-040
Telefone: (43) 3338 1080
Rua Vitoria, 199 – Ciro Nardi
Cascavel – PR
CEP 85802-020
Telefone: (45) 3324 0013
Rua Vinte e Um de Abril, 1199 – Centro
Palotina – PR
CEP 85950-000
Telefone: (44) 3649 2967
Av. Bento Munhoz da Rocha Neto, 1093 – Entre Rios
Guarapuava – PR
CEP 85108-000
Telefone: (42) 3625 1270

Rua Padre Luiz Marques Teixeira, 271
Boa Viagem – Recife – PE
CEP 51021-530
Telefone: (81) 3093-8500

Av. Universitária, 320 – Ininga
Teresina  – PI
CEP 64049-550
Telefone: (86) 3232-5434


Rio de Janeiro
Rua Senador Alencar, 11
São Cristóvão – Rio de Janeiro – RJ
CEP 20.921-430
Telefone: (21) 3534-8640

Rua Nair Esteves, 121 – Montese
Resende – RJ
CEP 27541-050
Telefone: (24) 2255 3793

Rua João Alves Flor, 3025.
Candelária. Natal – RN
CEP 59066-120
Telefone: (84) 3342-1190

São Leopoldo
Rua do Parque, 11
Padre Réus – São Leopoldo – RS
CEP 93020-270
Telefone: (51) 3591-2300
Caxias do Sul
Rua João Betega. 1374 – Salgado Filho
Caxias do Sul – RS
CEP 95098-600
Telefone: (54) 3218-6888
Rua Antonio Gomes Soares, 71
Coqueiros – Florianópolis – SC
CEP 88080-018
Telefone: (48) 3112-3112
Rua Palmares, 330 – Atiradores
Joinville – SC
CEP 89202-230
Telefone: (47) 3227 5391
Rua Martinho Lutero, 322 – Cruzeiro do Sul
Joaçaba – SC
CEP 89600-000
Telefone: (49) 3551-9900
Rua Florianopolis, 277 – 1o andar – Fazenda
Itajaí – SC
CEP 88301-670
Telefone: (47) 2525 3545
Travessa Guararapes, 115-E – Centro
Chapecó – SC
CEP 89801-035
Telefone: (49) 3328 0888
São Paulo (Matriz)
Av. Miguel Frias e Vasconcelos, 1205
Jaguaré – São Paulo – SP
CEP 05345-000
Principal: (11) 2197-8888
Comercial: (11) 2197-8870
Rua Rodrigo Soares de Oliveira, 518
Bairro Anhangabaú – Jundiaí – SP
CEP 13208-120
Telefone: (19) 3727-6979
Praça dos Expedicionários, 19
Gonzaga – Santos – SP
Cep: 11065-500
Telefone: (13) 3036 7161
São José dos Campos
Av. Dr. João Batista Soares de Queiroz Jr., 2280
Jd. das Indústrias – S.J. Dos Campos – SP
CEP 12240-000
Telefone: (12) 2139-2905
Santo André
Rua das Monções, 463
Jardim – Santo André – SP
CEP 09090-521
Telefone: (11)  4433-6370
Rua Nicolau Pereira Campos Vergueiro, 59
Sorocaba – Centro – SP
CEP 18035-300
Fone: (15) 3232-4193
Regional São Paulo
Av. Bolonha, 335.
Jaguaré – São Paulo – SP
CEP 05334-000
Telefone: (11) 2197-8888
Campinas – 01
Av. Tancredo Neves, 384
Ch. Campos Elíseos – Campinas – SP
CEP 13050-214
Telefone: (19) 3727-6979
Campinas – 02
Rua Antônio Carlos Neves,137
Ch. Campos Elíseos – Campinas – SP
CEP 13050-173
Telefone: (19) 3727-6979

Q 106 Sul Alameda 2, Lote 27, nº 60
Plano Diretor Sul Palmas – TO
CEP 77020-068
Telefone: (63) 3322-4522

Três Lagoas
Rua Parnaiba, 2990 – Bairro Jardim Angelica
Três Lagoas – MS
CEP 79611-030
Telefone: (31) 3349- 2500


We love what we do. We work to surpass expectations in each service we perform, in each challenge surmounted, and in each new loyal Client. Substantial opportunities for professional growth motivate us to improve our competencies.  Join a team marked by an innovative spirit, entrepreneurial vision, and dedication to serve and deliver.

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A track record of growth.

Our long history is marked by intense dedication. Over almost six decades, we have developed solutions that have created value, expanded our services’ scope, strengthened our team, and evolve our operations across the country.

Teamwork, discipline, self-development, commitment, and, most importantly, a serving culture have helped us build long-term relationships with our Clients.

Slide Everything begins with the founding of Predial Limpeza
e Higienização in Salvador, Bahia.
Slide We expand our operations with the creation of GPS Serviços
de Segurança. Our headquarters is moved to São Paulo,
and we also start operating in Rio de Janeiro.
Slide In 2008, we created GPS S.A., our holding company.
We incorporate the companies In-Haus, Ecopolo, and Planem.
We expand our services portfolio with Logistics,
Utility Engineering, and Electronic Security.
Slide Our expansion continues, reaching the mark of 30,000 employees.
We incorporate the companies Mopp Group, Top Service,
Conserbens, Engeseg, Proevi and Proguarda.
We begin offering industrial services and expand our footprint
in the Northeast, Midwest, Southeast and South.
Slide We incorporate the companies Sempre and Magnum,
further reinforcing our presence in the Southeast.
Slide We reach the mark of 50,000 employees and carry out our largest
merger ever, of Graber Segurança. We expand our multi-service
portfolio by incorporating LC Restaurantes and evolving our south
operations with Fortaleza's integration.
Slide We expanded our service portfolio with the integration of RZF,
which is specialized in highway maintenance. We develop our
operations in Brazil's south after incorporating Poliservice
and Onseg.
Slide We reach 85,000 employees and carry out the most mergers
ever, incorporating eight companies in a single year: Magnus,
Proteg, Algar Segurança, QuattroServ, JAM, Servis, Polonorte,
and Gol Segurança. We expand our operations in the North
to end the year serving over 2,400 clients.
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