We plan and perform multi functional services for highways across Brazil, with a focus on engineering and infrastructure.

What we offer:

Highway Maintenance & Conservation

Maintenance of right-of-way

Conservation of vegetation​​

Conservation and restoration of pavement​​

Conservation, implementation and maintenance of drainage systems

Road safety and protection systems​s​

Vertical and horizontal​ signage​

Environmental liabilities​​

Recovery of highway drainage and infrastructure projects ​

Fiber optics/ITS​​

Highway construction

Emergency services​​

Railroad Infrastructure & Maintenance

Maintenance of right-of-way​​

Conservation of vegetation

Preventive and corrective maintenance (crossings)

Conservation, installation and maintenance of drainage systems

Platform Maintenance, Cleaning and Regularization

Track ballast barriers

Environmental liabilities

Recovery of drainage and infrastructure projects (OAE & OAC​)

Construction, maintenance and recovery of rail infrastructure and superstructure​s

Replacement of rails and ties

Emergency services

Energy Infrastructure & Maintenance

Maintenance of right-of-way​s​

Commercial and Low Voltage (LV)​ technical services​

Medium and High Voltage services​


Meter reading and delivery​​

Trimming and cutting of trees for medium- and high-voltage grids (primary and secondary)

Collection and chipping of limbs and branches​

Manual and mechanized mowing along transmission and distribution lines​

Opening of Easement Lanes ​

Signage, traffic support and space reservation ​

Emergency services

Infrastructure & Maintenance of Gas Pipelines & Distribution

Maintenance and installation of gas networks​

Soil excavation, backfilling and compaction

Base structure and asphalt pavements

Pavement repair

Installation and replacement of meters ​

Installation of signaling devices​​

Building maintenance and vegetation control ​

Emergency services

Sanitation Infrastructure & Maintenance

Maintenance and installation of water and sewage networks

Soil excavation, backfilling and compaction​

Base structure and asphalt pavements

Pavement repair

Installation and replacement of water meters ​


Building maintenance and vegetation control​

Transportation of solid waste from sewage treatment plants ​

Emergency services​

Maintenance & Conservation of Airport & Port Infrastructure

Maintenance of right-of-way​s​

Control and maintenance of ground-cover plants

Manual and mechanized mowing, trimming and tilling

Pest control, nursery management and landscaping

Mechanized pavement sweeping​


Vertical and horizontal​ signage

Mining Infrastructure & Maintenance

Maintenance of plants and right-of-way

Conservation of vegetation​

Conservation and restoration of pavement

Conservation, installation and maintenance of drainage systems

Road safety and protection systems

Vertical and horizontal​ signage

Environmental liabilities

Facilities management

Emergency services


Learn about some of the methods and tools responsible for the excellence
 of our Infrastructure services:

Use of proprietary and state-of-the-art equipment

To support the work of our highly trained and specialized team, we have a full line of own equipment that includes buses, trucks, vans, utility vehicles, tractors, zero-turn mowers, earthmovers, backhoes, MND machinery, fiber-optics line launchers, etc

High-quality standards

Quality is the cornerstone of our services. That is why we combine our teams, technological, and logistics resources to provide outstanding service to users, regulatory agencies, and Clients.

Application of sustainable standards and procedures

Our work is guided by the principle of compliance with all environmental, health, and occupational safety laws and regulations, which is an integral part of our corporate culture. 

We strive to uphold our social and environmental responsibility through the following actions:

  • Responsible use of the energy and raw materials needed by our activities.
  • Maximum pollution prevention at the source.
  • Development of products and services that do not adversely affect the environment.
  • Conducting proper waste disposal and recycling programs.
  • Providing complete PPE equipment for Employees suited for each activity to be performed.
  • Administering continuous training programs to improve the training and safety of our Employees


,000 km
of highways

conserved and maintenance

of green areas

wholly-owned equipment

and vehicles

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